All-You-Can-Eat Omelet Breakfast Raises a Million Dollars for Skatepark


Well, not really. But the hard-working skateboarders of the Northfield Skateboard Coalition did work really hard at the omelet breakfast this Sunday the 16th at The American Legion (currently co-existing with the Eagles Club). For over 6 hours Coalition members set up, greeted people, sold t-shirts, bussed tables, served drinks, spilled silverware, cleaned messes, ate omelets, and straightened up the joint. For their hard-working efforts the Coalition raised about $915 at the breakfast. The wonderful people at The American Legion also pledged a $500 check to help the Coalition meet its $10,000 matching grant from Northfield Healthy Community Initiative. This means that over the past four days the Coalition, with help from The American Legion, has raised almost $1900 (this includes the Friday Cup-o-Joe concert and candy sales at the high school). This leaves the Coalition a little over $1000 to raise by April 1st to meet the HCI matching grant and the Coalition’s original goal of $25,000 total! To take a look at all photos, click here.

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