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Book Club Captures the Castle…

Book Club is currently reading a delightful book called I Capture the Castle, a coming of age story about an eccentric British family in the 1930’s who live in a ruined castle. So far we’ve had great fun discussing the characters’ romantic prospects, debating whether or not Stephen will lose an arm in a tragic farming accident

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Fermentations Fundraiser

Proud supporters of the Key, the owners and staff at Fermentations are donating their time, space, and expertise for this fund-raising event, all proceeds which will benefit the Northfield Union of Youth.  All of the staff at the restaurant are working for free that night so that all of the money collected (minus food expenses) will

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Key Helps Japanese Relief Effort

The Key is selling buttons as a fundraiser to raise money for victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami. Buttons feature the above design with the Japanese character for hope and the country’s flag. They can be purchased for $3 at various downtown businesses. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross disaster relief effort for

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DON’T forget: up to $2000/yr in scholarship money to put towards post-secondary education available for HS grads and seniors who’ve been involved with the Key! The application is due Tuesday, April 5th, which is less than a week away! Find it here or hard copies at the Key: It’s really easy, so if you

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Art Project

Gross! Look at what Kellen made some kids do at the Key on Friday! Despite the grotesqueness of making masks from real people, everyone seemed to enjoy it for some reason.

Scholarship Opportunity Available Through The Key

Check out this awesome opportunity for a post-secondary scholarship: The purpose of this scholarship is to provide funds of up to $2000/year for a Northfield youth to be able to pursue post-secondary education. Renewable for up to 3 years (in addition to the initial year). Criteria: Applicants must be seniors or graduates who meet the following:

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Cooking Class

A handful o’ kids made Chinese food with Danny Dobrow yesterday. Using the fabulous Emmaus kitchen, we made Vegetable “Dumplings”, Kung Pao Chicken, and Tofu Fried Rice. It was… SO MUCH work.