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The Key’s Favorite Band

Dewi Sant‘s final stop on their tour was in Northfield, and as always, The Key was very happy to see them again. So were the bats swooping around overhead. They were really happy to see Dewi Sant. Also along for the ride was The Lonelyhearts and We Are the Willows (below picture).

One Heck of a Show

Thanks to our dear friends in Dewi Sant, Tail Chaser, Phantom Tails and Fort Wilson Riot for playing the most incredible drum-free show The Key has ever seen. A special thanks to Justin for running sound for most of the show. Fort Wilson Riot at The Key in Northfield, MN from Griff Wigley on Vimeo.

Hip Hop Fest at the KEY – Photos

This past weekend of the 6th and 7th was the Key’s giant Hip Hop Fest. On Friday, Kanser and their backing band (More than Lights) performed an awesome show with some local yokels like Timmy “Two Tone” Hollinger and his band DEAF (Desiring Every Aspect of Freedom) opening. Saturday saw the amazing Kristoffe Krane play.

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Hip Hop Night

Every Saturday at 7pm, the Key hosts Hip-Hop Night. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of Hip-Hop (MC’ing, DJ’ing, Break Dancing, Graff Writing, Beat Boxing, etc). This week is the official kick-off of Hip-Hop night, and we are hosting a rap battle! Anyone, and I mean ANYONE may participate. If you wish

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