The three Northfield AmeriCorps Promise Fellows, Alyssa Jilek (High School), Jason Hallen (Middle School), and Kevin Krein (The Key) organized an extremely informative recycling summit at the Northfield High School Auditorium on Thursday the 5th. The Fellows brought in representatives from Waste Management and the Northfield Recycling Center to discuss important ways to reduce garbage, resuse potential garabage, and what can and can’t be recycled. For instance, did you know that pizza boxes from your local pizza place cannot be recycled and neither can yogurt containers or plastic salsa or margarine containers? Did you also know you can recycle your used paint, cleaning products, old electronics (some for a cost) at the Recycling Center along Highway 3 (just bring it in Wednesdays or certain Saturdays)? Did you know that many of the recycled paper products on the market are not made with 100% recycled paper (check the label and buy accordingly)? And did you know that glass bottles can be endlessly recycled (unlike paper or plastic)? Those in attendance were also given some disturbing news about the amount of waste generated by Rice County, the State of Minnesota, and the U.S and the economics of the garbage and recycling industry. Many youth and a handful of adults came for the presentation and are now recycling experts for the Northfield community.