It was a tough and grueling process as the organization had a wonderful bunch of applicants for the position. After the final interview, the Key’s Youth Board locked itself in the Key and spent the next two hours without adult presence and finally came up with their choice for Executive Director. Amy Merritt will assume the position taking over for Josh Hinnenkamp by September 1st. Amy has been a long time volunteer for the organization (over 8 years!), an Art Project Coordinator for 3 years, an Adult Board member for nearly 2 years, and a Program Coordinator for about 1 year. Amy has also worked and volunteered for multiple other youth organizations within the Northfield area. The youth did not come to this decision lightly but ultimately felt she was the best fit for the organization at this time. The youth thought her knowledge of the Northfield community, her familiarity with the organization and community partners, her administrative and managements skills, and her passion to help the youth guide the organization to new places were the main factors for her being hired. The Youth Board informally but officially congratulated her late last night after sleuthing her whereabouts to the Contented Cow. And what a show that was. The Northfield Union of Youth congratulates her!