The Key’s Drug Action Meeting at the Armory was a wonderful success and generated many new and creative ideas that will be in action very soon. Over 85 people showed up for the event. The meeting was also a success for new collaborations. A big thanks goes to Skip Zimmerman and Amy Belcher from the YMCA, Zach Pruitt and Kathy Sandberg from the Rice County Chemical Health Coalition, and Pat Allen from the Mayor’s Task Force. The biggest thanks goes to the Northfield Union of Youth’s Youth Board for making this event happen and for causing so much to be achieved from the event. They all received a standing ovation at the event and deserved it. Ruth Amerman and Marie Fischer were wonderful as the facilitator and introductory speaker. Gus DeMann did a mean stopwatch, putting the smackdown on those who went too long. Mackenzie O’Connell and Jena Fredrick were great as the runners (which was a difficult job). Max Jennings, Gerritt Duys, Sam Dunnewold, Ani Lovoll, Kellen Kirchberg, Phoebe Currier, Andi Sison, Tom Launer, Abe Henson, Zane Anway, and others helped with the setup and cleanup. All of them participated in the group discussions helping to give the event some youth focus. Eventually we will get these groups on our website (maybe with the help of HCI) and will notify the community when this happens. Pictures of the event here. Griff was also on site and you can check out his (better than mine) photos of the event on Locally Grown.