Here is the Hope Mural that the Northfield Union of Youth (and their Art Project) and Kevin Krein, our AmeriCorps Promise Fellow, worked on in September of 2008. This mural was sent to the Search Institute and displayed at a national conference hosted by the organization. The Union of Youth and Mayor’s Youth Council helped lead a presentation on ways to foster community involvement among youth and to increase youth voice in civic affairs. Here is the author’s statement that went with the mural:

To us, “hope” represents many things. Hope can mean diversity – people from different backgrounds coming together to create a more understanding and peaceful world. Hope can also mean power or a voice. That is what The Key, the Northfield Union of Youth, represents to the young people in the community. It is a diverse mix coming together so their voice can be heard.
Through this painting, the different faces represent diversity, and the fist represents that voice – the power to the people. Everyone comes from a different background, but we can all blend together to be one community.