The Northfield Union of Youth took President Elect Barack Obama’s words to heart by volunteering on Martin Luther King Day. Eight from the Key went to the Rice County Humane Society in Faribault and cleaned out the dog kennels, walked the dogs, and played with the cats. None came back with an animal (our moms would kill us) but I’m thinking of adopting a poor kitten that must have lost a fight with a raccoon. The Humane Society is always looking for volunteers and you can contact them by clicking the preceding link.
Update: I did get the kitten and she is at my new apartment as I write this. Her name at present is Harpo but I don’t know if we’re sticking with it. If anyone has any suggestions please suggest away. She’s black, small, and has half of one ear chewed off and was born with one arm that doesn’t work and will need to be amputated.