The Northfield Union of Youth’s Seatbelt Challenge Team skipped a half an hour of school this Monday in order to help out with seatbelt awareness stenciling. Key Youth Board members at the High School and Artech helped pick stencil locations and helped stencil with the air brush provided by the city. The bright yellow stencils said “BUCKLE-UP” with a design of two hands buckling a seatbelt and were placed at entrances and exits at the High School and Artech. Today’s seatbelt stenciling was part of a county-wide project aimed at reducing (and eliminating) preventable teen fatalities and serious injuries in Rice County. Kathy Cooper, the coordinator for the Rice County Safe Communities Coalition (funded through the State of Minnesota Safe Community Toward Zero Death grant), helped organize today’s activities and deserves an applause for her tireless efforts. To take a look at some pictures of the event, please click here.