This coming Saturday (Sept. 25th) at 4:00pm, we are MOVING out of the old Key. Cory has been nice enough to volunteer his truck as transportation for all of the large objects, so we really need to take advantage of this time. EVERYONE IS MORE THAN WELCOME AND STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to come help out with this process. Remember, the sooner stuff gets moved, the sooner we can inhabit the lovely new building!!! It might even be wise to show up BEFORE 4, just so we can have some large boxes ready to go. This is quite possibly our only opportunity to move the big furniture that we want to take (desk, couches, etc), so whatever we want to bring must get brought this day. Make sense?

*Also, if anyone wants to bring a camera for posterity’s sake, please do so. After Saturday, the old Key, which has been home to so many people for 15 years, will be empty and lonely. We should probably document these dying days =(