Our Platform

VOTE YOUTH is the Northfield Union of Youth’s current campaign in making youth issues known to their peers, the public and especially, voters and their candidates. This is a general platform of issues that a committee of youth and adults have compiled, and is based off of our five key needs.

Somewhere to go:
While the Key provides a safe chemical free space, it is obvious there is a need for more of it, even space outside of the Key. This means places accommodating all sorts of youth activities inside and outside (tennis courts, skatepark, and further recreational spaces) as well as having handicap accessible places for youth that have a desire to get involved. This includes spaces after school and during the summer.

Things to do:
Youth are constantly in need of accessible, low-cost activities that can enrich them as well as entertain them. An issue that comes up frequently is activities for “older” youth in the middle school and high school range who find their options dwindling. In petitioning for more programs for this age group we encourage organizations to expand or help start programs for all varieties of youth (Latino youth, youth with disabilities, girls in power, kids recovering form drug issues, etc).

A way to get there:
Accessibility options are key. Current options for youth to get places are finding rides from adults or using themselves as transportation. Extremely valid forms of transportation are things such as walking, biking or skateboarding, but traffic makes these options difficult, especially for disabled youth in the community. There are so many effective transportation options that could be created for youth to get themselves places other than their home and school.

People to meet:
One of the most important things that can be stressed in this campaign is community relationships, especially with youth. Youth interactions are vital in having kids meet other youth from different backgrounds, cultures, and financial situations. It’s also important for youth to get to know their community with inter-generational mentoring, getting familiar with community leaders and authority figures, and getting to know other people in their community. It’s also important to have youth representatives in the community to act as a voice for decision making in their areas of interest.

How to know:
Resources for youth can be found everywhere in community, but the issue is finding them. Kids that have problems are constantly in need of resources that are easy for them to use and find. It’s as simple as having access to information and even bringing up new solutions to youth problems.

You can direct any comments, suggestions or questions to northfieldunionofyouth@gmail.com