What is Northfield Union of Youth (NUY)?

NUY is a youth-led youth services organization serving youth throughout the Northfield, MN area. Our mission is to provide power and voice to youth and to create a caring and enriching community. Youth are the experts on youth. We provide a platform and a system for youth to fully address the needs they see in the community, the ideas they have to enrich their community, and the support to ensure that they are never alone.

NUY prioritizes the need to amplify youth voice, opinion, and perspective. NUY works collaboratively with Northfield Schools, Health Care Providers, County Services, Law Enforcement, and a host of other organizations and institutions to meet the needs of Northfield’s youth. NUY combines supportive services with enrichment activities to make a meaningful impact. This includes supports around mental health, housing, academics, employment, art, music, recreation, social justice and so much more.


The mission of the Northfield Union of Youth is to provide power and voice to area youth and to create a caring and enriching community.

You(th) are Welcome!

NUY removes all barriers for youth to participate.  Be present and have your voice heard.  There are no qualifications, assessments, registrations, or fees.  The Key is open to all youth ages 12-20 and other programs outside of the Key are available for youth up to age 24.


Going into a week of gratitude and thanks giving, we know that we have so much to be appreciative of. The community of Northfield has never stepped down from a challenge, and they have continually been willing to open both their minds and their hearts to the work around them that needs to be done to make this community a great place for EVERYONE. Never enough words exist to thank all those who give of their time, of their talents, and of their resources. THANK YOU so much to everyone who gave to the NUY during Give to the Max. We are so grateful to you all for believing in the power of youth voice and the creation of a caring community! ...
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“Hello, my name is Haley Heiner. I am the Co-President of the Northfield Union of Youth, also known as 'The Key.' I have been attending there for a while now and I’ve honestly never felt more at home there. So many wonderful people have accepted me there and I’ve gained amazing new friendships. The Key has helped me through so much regarding mental health, social skills, financial problems, and more. Without The Key, I don’t know where I would be today, and so many youth could say the same. The Key is the longest-running youth-led and youth-empowering organization recorded in the United States and I want it to stay that way. So many kids, including me, need a safe space like The Key. I'm so grateful that I have a place like this, and I am beyond grateful that our community cares for this organization.” Please consider donating for Give to the Max: give.mn/l8xqif ...
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