Adult Board

Adult Board of Directors (term)

Ruthie Gilbertson (President) (2017)
Stacy Holmgren (Vice-President) (2018)
Nancy Amerman (2017)
Karen Anway (Secretary) (2017)
Missy Donkers (2017)
Mary Dunnewold (2018)
John George (2018)
Kathy Ingraham (2018)
Steve Kennedy (2018)
Che Regnier (2018)
Susan Sanderson (2017)

Adults are nominated by the Youth to serve a two year term on the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors meets monthly. Adults are chosen for their demonstrated interest in the long-term success of the youth and their organization. Each Adult Board member is active in some aspect of fundraising, building maintenance, community networking, mentoring or event planning. Most Adult Board members have served an average of four years.

The responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

1. Work with the youth to create policies of the organization.
2. Attend monthly meetings (the third Wednesday of each month.)
3. Act as ambassadors for the Northfield Union of Youth within the community.
4. If possible, attend weekly Youth Advisory Board meetings.
5. Mentor youth board members or talk with youth board “partner” through out the year.
6. Encourage the voice and efforts of all Northfield youth.