Youth Board


Youth Advisory Board

Hailey Beiser (President)
Cortney Fischer (Vice President)
Rhianna Burwell
Jasmine Chester
Angel Embertson
Chase Ingraham
Kaylie Lundgren
Diana Montero
Sebastian Prue
Megan Schwartz
Luke Wiskus
Alice Wykes

Matt Coffey
Spencer Fredrickson
Bella Callery

The Responsibilities of the Youth Advisory Board:

The Youth Advisory Board meets every Wednesday at 3:45, at The Key. There are 9-15 positions on the Advisory Board, including leadership roles as President, and Vice President. Each member serves a term of one year. The Youth Board meets to plan events, projects, and programming of The Key. Elections are held annually for the board positions. The membership of the NUY votes on the Advisory Board elect, via ballot.

The Advisory Board’s responsibilities
1. Attend weekly meeting
2. Generate ideas for events and programs
3. Staff events
4. Public speaking; speaking at presentations
5. Head committees: Public Relations, Finance, Events, Research, KEYfest, and executive.