Youth Boards

NUY believes that youth are the experts when it comes to youth.  All programs and services are the direct result of youth identifying needs and proposing solutions.  NUY’s staff are hired, reviewed, and report directly to the youth.  NUY depends on the insightful and tireless work of generations of youth.

Youth Board members serve a one year term and are elected by their peers (each June).  Each youth board elects their own president and vice president, who then serve alongside NUY’s Board of Directors during their term.

New Youth Board

NUY Key Youth Center Youth Board (ages 12-20):
Bella Callery
Sam Dwyer
Cohltin Fessler
Cortney Fischer
Grace Fox
Brodey Haugan
Emily Hurlbert
Chase Ingraham (VP)
Chelsea Johnson
Kimberly Kidd
Isaac Mahle
Sebastian Prue
Luke Wiskus (President)
Alice Wykes

NUY Mental Health Youth Board (ages 12-18):
Alden Cristafo-Hark
Bella Callery (VP)
Keara Cooney
Chase Ingraham
Logan Ledman
Diana Montero (President)
Lia Pak
Josh Pumper
Julia Radke
Luke Wiskus
Alice Wykes

NUY Homelessness Youth Board (ages 16-24):
Names remain anonymous due to sensitive nature of youth homelessness